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How to sign up as a new patient   

New Patients

To Sign up by Text on your phone.

A New patient can request an appointment by text with the following steps.

  • Save the scheduler telephone number  1-805-250-1348  to your contact list as Dr. Gregory Smith
  • Send a text message with the following in the message field:
  • new patient appt with Dr.Gregory Smith (no space between Dr. and Gregory)
  • You will then receive a text. Click on sign-up link to open scheduler
  • Fill in information requested: First Name, Last Name, Phone #, e-mail. 
  • Click Create Account
  • Confirm the day and correct date you are seeking an appointment
  • Scroll down to find a time that works and click "Book It"
  • You will then need to reply "SAVE" to the text message to confirm and save your appointment
  • That's it


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To Sign up via WebSite:

Book Now

1.  Sign up Online by following this link.  Schedule ONLINE

2.  Fill out the basic information (name, phone and e-mail). You may add any notes or concerns.

3.  Choose your appointment time from the next window and click Book it.  Another window will open that requires you to click "Save Appointment" in order to finish.

4. You will get an e-mail of acceptance after we review your request.





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